I feel like I need to apologize for my fiance and I. We are that obnoxiously cute couple who will spam your Facebook and Instagram feeds with adorable Valentine's Day photos for several days. 

Seeing those might bum you out if you don't have someone special to spend the "Day of Love" with and hate the whole idea of the holiday.  I just wanted to say sorry and that I understand how you feel.  Prior to dating Nate, I despised Valentine's Day. More often than not, I was spending time with a guy who never wanted to truly commit to a relationship.  Those guys don't send you flowers or give you a reason to dress up for a fancy dinner. They leave you at home and don't text you...because you're not their girlfriend.  That feels pretty crappy, doesn't it? Well, I have some advice for you.

First of all, lose that guy.  True love isn't keeping you around just because he's lonely and you're conveniently always there when he wants you to be. If you've been seeing each other for a while and he won't make it official, you deserve better than that.  He's not honoring you. He doesn't deserve a place at your table. There is someone better out there who's whole world will begin and end with you.  This guy is NOT him.

That realization felt like a gut punch, didn't it? Been there. With that in mind, you want to stay home and wallow in self pity for Valentine's Day now, don't you. DON'T. I want you to try something else instead.

Back when I was "that girl" a co-worker of my mine refused to let me be a dark cloud raining all over Valentine's Day because I felt so bad for myself.  Instead, he booked an entire day of volunteer work for us to do on February 14. We stopped to visit with the families staying at the Ronald McDonald House while their kids were being treated at St. Luke's before we went across the street and dropped off Valentines for the kiddos who were missing getting them at school because they were in the hospital.  We wrapped up the day by helping to serve lunch at the Rescue Mission.

You know what? We were so busy warming the hearts of others and putting smiles on their faces, that at no point that day did I find myself wallowing in self pity because I was the only girl who didn't get flowers in the office that day or knew I'd be going home to my cat when everyone else was heading out for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner.

That day was good for the soul and if I weren't celebrating my fourth Valentine's Day with the love of my life (who I found after I detached myself from "that guy") I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

So, that's my challenge to you for Valentine's Day this year if you're single.  No sitting around in self pity. Put yourself out there in a positive way and spread some love!

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