I went to see Fifty Shades Freed last night, but somehow the evening ended up being more about the Breaking Bad star, his wife and brand new baby girl!

Even though I know there are at least 15 minutes of trailers before a movie actually starts, I was extremely antsy to finish my glass of wine at Bodovino last night and get to the movie theater.  I'd seen Facebook friends posting screenshots of sold out screenings of the newest Fifty Shades film, so I wanted to make sure we got good seats instead of sitting in the front row, breaking our necks to look at the screen.  That's why I left Nate in the lobby to buy the popcorn.

While he was getting our goodies, they showed this Vitaminwater commercial before the trailers started.

That got me thinking "isn't his baby due like any minute now?"  As many of you know, Aaron Paul is from the Treasure Valley and his mom works with us at Townsquare Media Boise. Grandma-to-be has told us how excited she is to meet her new granddaughter, so we've been counting down the days in the office for what seems like a month now!

Well, after the movie I jumped on Instagram and saw that Aaron's wife, Lauren, had given birth to their little girl. Each parent introduced their daughter to the world on the social network by posting these adorable pictures!

At this time, we have no idea what they named their little girl but we wanted to send them a heartfelt "CONGRATULATIONS!" from their extended family at grandma's office.  Their love story has been so much fun to watch unfold from the time they met at Coachella, to their 2013 wedding and now the latest addition to their family!

Go ahead and comment your congrats below and we'll make sure to get them to Aaron's mom to share with the couple!

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