Do you have an evacuation plan in place?

According to KTVB, Governor Otter has issued a warning to Idahoans about potential flooding disasters.

So, what exactly should you do to prepare for a potential flooding emergency??

Well, Ada County has published a 'Pre Evacuation Checklist' to prepare you and your family in case such emergency should arise.

Here are some items on that checklist that to take into consideration:

  • Register for the CodeRED emergency notification system - you can do so by CLICKING HERE.
  • Create a notification and communications plan with family members
  • Ensure every family member has a 72-hour kit that includes special medications or dietary needs, personal items, and infant needs if necessary
  • Make transportation arrangements and make sure you have a full tank of gas in all vehicles used to evacuate.

The full checklist can be found HERE.

City and County Officials are doing their best to keep you informed, in fact, they have released a 'Boise Flood Warning - FAQ' can check that out HERE.

  • How many large dams are on the Boise River, who regulates them, and what is
    their combined storage capacity?
  • If my home is in or very near the 100-year floodplain, what’s the risk?
  • What can I do to protect myself from flooding?
  • Who’s in charge of flood response?

Also on the information to different agencies that are responsible for flood response around Ada County.

For additional information on where to get sandbags (and how to properly use them around your property), current flooding conditions, and more visit the Ada County website.

AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.....stay away from the river!



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