Happy National Pet Day!

I made a Facebook post asking for pictures of YOUR pets, and you totally delivered :)

If you missed this and you'd like to send in pictures of your adorable pets, please feel free to comment more pictures and I'll see if I can't make some updates/new articles in the future :)

Either way, thank you for sending these! Everyone loves seeing pictures of adorable animals, and it actually has legitimate health benefits!

Independent says, "It might seem frivolous to share photos of cute pets, or photobombing animals, but there is scientific evidence from psychological research that viewing certain pictures can combat stress and make us happier."

So, again, thanks for sending photos of your pets — you're making me (and everyone else) much happier!

And this is a great way to express our love and gratitude for our pets, too. I honestly don't know what I'd do without the amazing, loving pets I've had all throughout my life, and I'd imagine you all feel the same love for your pets.

Have fun looking at these adorable local pet photos! Keep scrolling for the best ways/places to celebrate National Pet Day in the Boise area, and after that keep scrolling for even MORE adorable local pet photos :)

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