It's time for a vacation, my friends! Because who wouldn't want to get out of town...round trip...for less than $50!?

Allegiant Airlines is offering a 72-hour summer flight sale and their flight from Boise to Mesa/Phoenix, Arizona is only $29, one way! Even better, if you purchase your tickets by going to the airport in person (in advance of course) you save on a service fee, bringing your ticket down to just $20 per way! How do you say no to that!?!

I've never flown on Allegiant before, but Phoenix is one of my favorite flight destinations.  For whatever reason, all of my closes friends live down there and also work in radio (thanks for the invite to move down, guys!).  The catch is: summertime in Phoenix, for some, is far from pleasurable. With summer temperatures reaching over 110 or 115 degrees on a daily basis--sometimes even melting street signs.

If the heat is your style, though-- hop on this flight deal. Allegiant's flight to Phoenix is direct and flies in/out on Mondays and Fridays. I've seen a lot of questionable press on Allegiant online, however, I myself have never flown the airline. A friend of mine took this very flight a few months ago to come down and vacation with me-- he had absolutely no complaints!

It's time for a getaway-- you deserve it!


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