On the last day of September the governor of Montana declared a state of emergency due to a very early and unexpected storm that left the mountains under 2 ft of snow. Great Falls had 14 inches of powder, however all highways remained open and there were no tragedies reported.

Hey Montana - Get over it!!! Did you just wake up and realize where you are located? Just in case that's the situation feel free to look up 46.8797° N, 110.3626° W. While you're at it you might consider that your average yearly snow fall is up to 300 inches in the Rocky mountains and 63 in Great Falls. Let's think about that for a second 300 inches vs 2ft in the mountains and 14 inches vs 63 annually in the city. Whats the BIG deal!? I just discovered where Miley Cyrus got the name for her DRAMATIC tv show character Hannah MONTANA... Just saying... drama much?

One thing to take into consideration is that all of this is coming from they guy who is sitting in Boise enjoying the sunshine and the 56 degree weather on the last day of September.

I'm sorry, I apologize, I feel bad but what am I to do other than observe and comment on facts...so what I'm saying is sorry, not sorry. The Treasure Valley is a great place to live.. Period end of story.

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