This story is definitely up for debate. Today when I was cruising the interwebs I came across a headline from MSN The Best Brewery In Every State. Of course, I was curious. What would it say about Idaho? Will they confuse us with IOWA? There has been an explosion of different local craft beer breweries over the past decade and plenty of options to choose from. 10 Barrel, Boise Brewing, Cloud 9, Powderhaus, Idaho Brewing Company just to name a few. According to, there were 33 different breweries in the state in 1888. Today there are 59 with 12 more that could open in 2018.

My favorite is a tossup between 10 Barrel and The Ram.

10 barrel

But what does a national beer blogger think the best brewery in Idaho is? According to MSN the best brewery in Idaho is Grand Teton Brewing:

"For decades, if you were near Yellowstone National Park or Grand Teton National Park and wanted a decent beer, Grand Teton was your only option. Sure, a few more players are on the scene now, but these guys are still cranking out stellar classics in addition to new barrel-aged and Gose varieties."

Grand Teton Brewing has been brewing up deliciousness for Idaho since 1988 and is the original brewery of Grand Teton as well as Yellowstone National Park. They have a variety of signature brews that are available year round as well as Seasonal Series from their cellar reserve program. You can find Grand Teton beer in 13 states including North and South Carolina, Illinois, and Minnesota.

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