Italy must be desperate for some new blood. If you remember back in May, the Town of Bormido, Italy was willing to pay you $2,000 to move there. Now, another town in Italy is also willing to pay you to pack up.

Credit: Sehar TV,
Credit: Sehar TV,

The Mayor of the small village of Candela, a town in southern Italy, is afraid that his once bustling hamlet will cease to exist with current trends.

The town of Candela was once known as little Naples because of screaming street vendors, and tourists that once filled it's quaint little streets and thoroughfares. The town’s mayor wants to see it restored to its once bustling glory by paying you to move there.

Just 20 years ago, over 8,000 people called Candela home, but today  that number has dwindled to under 3000.

The'll pay $950 per American that moves. You won’t get rich, but it should be enough to help you with moving costs.

Now there of course are a couple of conditions to consider if you’re going to pull the trigger on life in the Italian countryside.

First, to get paid, new residents must live in the town of Candela.  Secondly, you must rent a home (so living on the streets or in a tent is not an option). And finally you must have a yearly salary of at least $8,875. So you will have to have a job already lined up or find one once you arrive in Candela.

According to, six families have already taken the money and settled in, while as many as five more families have applied to take advantage of the offer.  So if you think this is an offer you’d be interested in, you better hurry before the town runs out of Euros.

As you can see from the photo gallery below, Candela is a very beautiful city.


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