I'm no longer one of the only ones getting extremely salty about the lack of ranking for the Boise State Broncos.  In fact, this weekend social media was home to quite the buzz, questioning why out Broncos aren't among the Top 25 in the country.

I was headed downtown Saturday night and couldn't believe it when I check my phone for the BSU score.  They were trailing by multiple touchdowns, on the road, it didn't look good at all. I remember that sinking feeling that any Boise native feels when the beloved Broncos are talking a loss (we aren't too used to that around here).

I chalked that up as a loss and thought well-- there's always next year to crack the ranks-- maybe we're just in a rebuilding phase.

I woke up Sunday morning DEAD WRONG. An amazing comeback that resulted in a win in overtime meant Boise State was 8-2 and undefeated in the Mountain West Conference.  Were the Broncos ranked? Nope. In fact, we even LOST votes.

I'm not the only one feeling let down by the pollsters-- people tweeting right here in Boise are feeling the same:


Boise State is a 17 point favorite this week at home against Air Force, a team they've lost to the last 3 times they've played. Hopefully, a victory this Saturday means Boise State will be back among the top. 

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