Ever since Steve Jobs passed away, it seems like Apple's been slower to really upgrade and add some super cool new features to its iOS systems.  That changed yesterday at the Worldwide Developer's Conference.

According to Wired, these are some of the new features coming to the iPhone when the new iOS 8 system rolls out later this year.

Freedom From Group Texts

Can I get an amen?!  How many of us have politely been added to a group text about the weekend kegger or bar crawl that we really have no intention of ever going to?  Everyone's replying to the text with inside jokes about how awesome the night is going to be, but you really could care less.  With updates to Messages, you'll have the option to "Do Not Disturb" the conversation or leave the thread completely.

Self Destruct

Snapchat meet iMessage.  iMessage meet Snapchat.  Much like the messaging app made popular amongst teens and Kekeluv, you'll now be able to set a time limit on your video messages so that they'll self destruct right from your messaging app.  Likewise you'll get the option to save the messages you receive or let them auto-destruct so that they aren't taking up a crap load of space on your phone (I've had such a hard time managing this since upgrading to the new iOS on my 4s so yay!)

Siri Tells You What Song You're Listening To

You know that one song we just played on 103.5 KISS FM?  You know the one sang by the guy with like you, know the words...but you can't seem to remember any of the lyrics when you call to ask us about it?  Let Siri help you out.  She'll soon be able to recognize music with Shazam.


I'm still not exactly sure how this one's going to work yet but it sounds neat. It'll work with 3rd party apps to monitor your activity level, weight, blood pressure, sleeping habits, ect.  It's unclear what hardware you'll need to make this new function actually work though.






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