Millennials get bombarded with the words/phrases lazy, entitled, not hungry enough, impatient. But are we the real issue. While debt has increased we are in the longest income stagnation in the modern era. 

How many times have you seen an ad posting saying "entry level job" only for it to say in the description need 2-3 years experience. How many times have the generation before us say oh I lived off x amount of money when I was your age so I know you can do it at this x amount of money, " We all Struggled".

Well we are hungry, we do want to succeed, but Im must say it is a tad harder when out the gate your hurdles were not nearly as high as ours are.

One thing I took out of this article (linked below) was "We don’t know how to fail. And even when we do fail, we’re pretty sure we actually won…We grew up in a competitive, bell-curve, wait-list society. Fighting for a spot on the team, in a school, at a job, for the win. We don’t want blue ribbons because we feel entitled to them; we want them because we’ve been in a cage match to win them our entire lives. Now, the stakes to win those blue ribbons are just slightly higher.” – Paul Angone  Also another thing he says " We’re all struggling, yet we’re all struggling to make it appear like we’re not struggling!"

I found the article interesting and it explains what millennials are up against if you care to read it. Click here. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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