May is National Hamburger month and who doesn't love a good burger? Today after Mateo and I finished up with our drive by donut deliveries it dawned on me that we were right next door to one of my favorite burger joints so of course in honor of the celebratory month we had to partake. I encourage you to participate as well, here are the Best Burgers in the Treasure Valley according to my taste buds.

1. Main Street Burgers - I love their five alarm burger, their ingredients are always fresh and the bite that the jalapenos adds to this burger sets it apart from the competition. The service is always on point.

2. Big Juds - Big Juds uses locally sourced ingredients and it's impossible to resist ordering their one pound burger. I've never attempted to eat it on my own but I've definitely shared it with others multiple times. I can tell you that whether you order the one pound burger of the regular cheese burger, you can taste the quality every time.

3. Capitol Bar  -  This may be not be the most traditional place to get a burger but the line will indicate otherwise. The burgers are grilled outside and they are AMAZING! Please note that they're only available at lunch. If you're down for drinks and a burger at lunch this is a must.

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