The Big Brother reality hit series is headed to the Treasure Valley to cast its 20th season! Are you ready to deposit $500,000 hosting the most game-playing skills of your life?

They say more money comes more problems. I guess it's depending on how you define that because I'd love a shot to try! It's an entirely different game when you're in a house competing against other people for half a million dollars. I'd think something like that could change a person! Wanna try?

The CBS reality show has been on-air for almost 20 years hosted by Julie Chen. I spoke to Robyn from Big Brother who will be casting this Friday in Boise,

Big Brother is a 3-month power struggle locked in a house with approximately 16 people from around the country competing for $500,000. The house is completely cutoff from the outside world. No cell, no internet, no television, no social media, no computer, no news. One person is evicted each week till there are two left. All the contestants evicted come back on the show and vote a winner.

Do you think this type of reality game is your deal? You have to play to win! Krystal was NOT a fan favorite on Bachelor this season and it's because she played to win. There won't be participation awards for $500,000. You have to play for keeps, make friends, deception and the worst kind of lying. Sounds great right!

If you're down to get dirty for the money - Simple details here.

Big Brother Casting Call

  • Amsterdam Lounge in Downtown Boise
  • Friday, March 23
  • 4 p.m. - 7 p.m.
  • Just show up, don't be over prepared, no silly costumes, just be authentic/normal people.


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