The Mountain Coaster at Bogus Basin was supposed to open in the fall. That was the latest prediction. Now it's been pushed back again but this news could be so perfect for those of us wanting the cutest selfies ever on the coaster. 

The carts we will be sitting in are up at Bogus Basin. The track is all laid out. The rest has yet to be done. We are impatiently waiting for the November opening of the mountain coaster.


It's getting real, now. The week of Thanksgiving is when we should be able to take one of the estimated 2,000 rides per day on the coaster. No worries about the snow or for it being too cold because this thing was built (or, is being built) to run even in the cold and snow.

While everyone else is Black Friday shopping, I plan to move the complete opposite direction and up in order to get one of the first rides (and many more) on this mountain coaster at Bogus Basin.



I kind of feel like we need to RSVP because all of us will be racing-ish up the mountain to ride this!

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