I found a new coffee shop in my neighborhood a few weeks ago and I've been back to it almost every single work day since!

When I was on my "Pumpkin Spice of Life" tour of the Treasure Valley, my first stop was the new Zero Six Coffee Fix next door to The Griddle on Parkcenter.  After the second time I was there Jeannie and her team (Kenna, Nico, Collin, Adam, etc) knew my name and my drink order! They remember the one time my boyfriend came in to try said drink, when the president of my running club came threw after our marathon and wrote me a special note on my cup the one day Mateo picked me up my Chider! They're really the "Cheers" of local coffee shops and always put a smile on my face.  I'm so happy they're in my neighborhood!

Another reason I love these people?  They didn't think twice when I walked in the shop in a Christmas sweater for our KISSmas kick off on Monday.  In fact, it lead Jeannie to tell me about something special they're doing PRE-Christmas as well!  Her sister Kenna's birthday is on Friday and instead of getting her presents, she's gotten the entire Zero Six crew on board for "11 Acts of Kindness" this Friday, 11/11! Their goal? Brighten the day of 11 people are a little down and out. Maybe they're short on rent this month, need gas money to fill up their tank or a little extra cash to plan a family day with the kids.  Zero Six is sending a street team out to put money back into the hands of the people of the Treasure Valley who could use it the most!

Know someone who does TONS of good deeds for others and could use something good in their lives?  Nominate that hardworking moms, dads or friends you know that need reminded that their good deeds don't go unnoticed and are appreciated! You can nominate those people through Zero Six's Facebook Page HERE!

After a year and a half of negative energy from the Presidential Race, isn't it AWESOME to see people doing good for others?