Hamburgers. Hamburgers everywhere! Where's the love for the greatest meat and bread dish on the planet?!

I spent 21 years of my life growing up in Michigan. Which means hockey fans, drunk college kids, and real coney island hot dogs. A hot dug in a bun, smothered with chili (or chili sauce), white onions, and mustard. It's truly a delicacy. Now, of course Michigan isn't the only place you can get a coney dog, but living in Boise the past two years I have yet to discover a solid dog that competes.

Sure, you can get a chili dog anywhere, but just chili on a hot dog does not a coney dog make. It's gotta be the whole combination. You can even use a more saucy chili sauce or soup if you like, but either way, it needs to have all the ingredients.

Have I lived two years in the Gem State and missed a quality coney dog? Is there a secret spot I don't know about? Do we need to start an import business from the east coast to get some good coney dogs here? I need answers!

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