For days now, Boise State fans have been sitting on the edge of their seats awaiting a press conference that was announced by Athletic Director Jeramiah Dickey. While the announcement could have been about a number of things, hearing that it would be held on The Blue inside of Albertsons Stadium indicated that yes--it MUST have something to do with the football program.

It has been entertaining over the last few days to watch all of the speculation. Everything from stadium expansion, replacing the men's trough urinals, to a move to the American Athletic Conference.

We're all for some Boise State football announcements but unfortunately, today just wasn't TOO exciting.

Perhaps the best news out of the press conference is that Boise State will allow 100 percent capacity inside of Albertsons Stadium for the 2021 season. It's obvious that the goal of SELLING OUT the stadium is a big one for Athletic Director Jeramiah Dickey.

Another interesting announcement is that the program hopes to get "back out there", indirectly addressing this impression that maybe the football team hasn't been involved in the community as they once were under Dan Hawkins or Chris Petersen. It sounds like they hope to change that.

A movie night on The Blue was one thing that more details will be coming out on. It's no Garth Brooks but any chance to be around The Blue is something that this town and our fans love.


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