Bleak is one way to put it, as Boise State has issued a COVID-19 warning to students, faculty, and staff at the campus of Boise State University.

If you're a student on a college campus anywhere in the country, really--you're a little removed from society. Sure, campus is in town and you can go out and about as a young adult anytime. However when your life simply revolves around campus, it's almost like you live inside of a bubble or a small community. You're going to classes, eating meals, seeing friends, playing sports, and more--all in the same general area. In a sense, this is great but when you look at this through a COVID lens, you can understand why transmission on a college campus could happen so quickly.

Just today, Boise State University has released a warning about the surge in COVID-19 cases on campus and shared with all on campus that measures are planned and WILL take place, if deemed necessary. Measures could include online classes instead of in-person learning, and more.

So what happens when 30,000 or more people gather on campus that otherwise aren't around? Well, this is the dilemma that Boise State is looking at and the results are yet to be determined. Boise State's football program is pushing for a sell out crowd in just days when UTEP comes to town and that will mean a whole lot of people not normally around Boise States campus will be sharing the air. Many are saying these games could be a series of "super spreaders". While educational measures seem to be planned, it feels very hush-hush around football. These crowds, of course, impact more than just campus but the greater community as a whole.

We'll continue to keep you posted on this "bleak" situation.

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