On Dr. Seuss' birthday, we were invited to read to a classroom of fourth grade students. They were all sass and so much fun! This week we got a "thank you" note from each student. "Pink Sweater Girl" let it be known how little Chris made her day. Of COURSE I have to share this. 

Chris and I got an email requesting that we read to a classroom. It was Dr. Seuss' birthday (also "Read Across America" day). Just a tip: We accept any and all opportunities that allow us to act like kids. This was one of them.

Our instructions were to arrive at the school and check-in. We were actually kind of nervous. Fourth grade is tough to impress. Actually, all grades are tough to impress. There we stood writing down our names on the check-in sheet and then trying to find a place to clip our "VISITOR" badge. We were official. Down the hall we went.

Let me just note that elementary schools are almost impossible to navigate as far as classroom locations go. It never seemed that tough when I was there.

Chris and I poked our head inside the classroom door and there was no going back.

We met the kids who were all dressed up as their favorite character. They were all excited and yelling and asking a million questions. Perfect. We were in our element.

Chris and I sat up front of the classroom in an oversized bean bag chair and a chair with the tiniest legs and read our book to the class. This was a first for Chris so they were heckling him and getting him to read the most as we passed the book back and forth.

Fast forward to now. We get a package in the mail from this fourth grade classroom. Open it up and there is a pile of homemade cards with personal messages written to each one of us. It was a lot of work and I'm going to pretend like I didn't cry. Do you believe me? Nope. I wouldn't believe me either. Waterworks. That's me.

I open my note first from a student who refers to herself as "Pink Sweater Girl".

Note for Tawsha

Of course I have to show it to everyone then take a picture then post it online and do whatever else I can do to tell the world that she likes me more.

Then Chris opens his card.

Note for Chris

I about died.

Pink Sweater Girl is going to be something one day. She's honest, she's creative, she's up front and she's sassy. SO SASSY!

So, when you ask "How was reading to the kids?"... THIS is how it was.

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