In a world of social media and cyberbullying, it can be hard for teenagers to grow up. Everybody can sit behind a computer and spew words of hate and thats tough when your growing up and starting to figure out your place in this world

Thankfully for the second year in Boise, there will be a Diversity Prom for all youth ages 14 – 20. I had the honor to emcee the event last year and it was amazing how much fun we had a s a group. Now everyone is entitled to their beliefs but growing up in San Francisco one of LGBTQ capitols of the world I have never had issues with the LGBTQ movement. I happily endorse Pride and events such as Diversity Prom.


In Boise Pride Festivals own words "our goal is to give the valleys LGBTQ youth and their allies the opportunity to express themselves, dance, socialize and have fun without persistence fear, feeling of hostility or intolerance. The Diversity Prom is a safe event for all attendees, and is open to all youth ages 14 – 20, regardless of one's sexual orientation, gender expression/identity, or romantic attractiveness."


This years Diversity prom is being help at the Old Train Depot in Boise on May 6 a Friday night from 8pm to 11pm. If you want the full details and you want to purchase tickets click here.


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