Get out of the way! We want to be the first ones in line when it opens!

I'll be honest, I've been thinking about "The STIL" (short for Sweetest Things in Life) since February when I found out they were moving into BoDo! Thanks to their Facebook page, we know when the new ice cream shop is planning to open in the former Snake River Winery store front!

On Wednesday a sign in the went up in the window and a Facebook post went up in the social media world revealing the opening date for the ice cream shop is Sunday, July 16th!

Back in May, co-owner Kasey Allen walked you through the under construction space and broke down the different types of ice cream they plan to scoop up for the Treasure Valley! The STIL's six categories of ice cream for the Idaho Statesman: "The Usuals," "The Unsusual," "The Kitchen," "The Bar," "The Garden" and "The Lab."

It's pretty clear The STIL isn't your ordinary ice cream shop like Cold Stone Creamery, Ben & Jerry's or Dairy Queen.  The Bar category will be where the booze infused recipes come in.  One of the flavors they'll scoop up is called "Field of Dreams" and will blend butterscotch ice cream with amber ale and Cracker Jacks.  But booze infused ice cream isn't the only thing The STIL wants to be known for.  They're also thinking up new recipes for kids like Orange Crush/Fruity Pebbles, some more sophisticated flavors like Avocado Lime and Cucumber Mint...and the one I can't wait to try: Sweet Tea!

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