Our friends over at Boise Dev have a pretty good take on developmental projects here in Boise and the Treasure Valley. I drop by often to find out what new exciting business is coming or construction is starting. Needless to say when I saw that local families were planning on converting a firehouse into a brewery I was intrigued.

The former fire station that's located on Fairview Ave. at Liberty Street has transformed into multiple uses since being decommissioned as a fire station. Now, Bear Island Brewing Co. has decided to make the fire house home. They've filed for a conditional use permit with the City of Boise to convert the former fire engine bays into a brewery and taproom.

If everything runs smoothly, this will make Bear Island Brewing Co.'s first taproom. Created by Beth and Steve Bechtel, Bear Island is veteran owned, and is a local, native-family operated company. While we look forward to trying all of their drink selections at their Boise location, if you're like me and love finding new beers, you can currently purchase their beers at select locations throughout Idaho. You can browse all of those locations HERE. 

I for one am excited about this! I enjoy unique creative atmospheres while drinking craft beer. Cheers!

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