Hair today, gone tomorrow! Britney Spears suffered an odd wardrobe malfunction when a clump of her hair extensions fell out during a recent Piece of Me performance.

The mishap was captured in a video that was uploaded to YouTube on Feb. 27, although it's not clear when exactly the performance was. In the clip, the singer looks amazing in a skintight, glittering bodysuit and black boots. She's head-to-toe confidence as she struts across the stage singing "I see you lookin' at me / Like I'm some kind of freak" -- lyrics from her hit "Do Somethin."

Unfortunately, as amazing as Britney sounds, we can't help but be a little distracted by the massive piece of blond hair that slid off the back of her head. Although it's hard to tell exactly what's happening at first, the piece of hair hooks onto Brit's outfit before eventually falling to the stage. We give the singer credit for carrying on as if nothing happened. That's true professionalism!

Of course, we aren't too surprised that Britney's long locks aren't 100 percent hers. After all, we were obsessed when the singer debuted a new, shorter blonde bob back in September 2014. We doubt her hair could have grown back this fast, so it makes sense that she had a little help lengthening it.

Long hair or short, we think that Britney looks (and sounds!) fabulous. A little setback like a wardrobe malfunction isn't going to slow her down. You can watch the hairy mishap in the video above!

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