The comments of Doctor Scott Yenor continue to resonate throughout social media. National publications along with social media provocateurs continue to call for the firing of the Boise State professor. Before folks comment on Yenor's future employment, I'd urge them to watch the entire fifteen-minute speech.

Doctor Yenor has responded to his critics.  You can hear his comments unfiltered below.

His thoughts during the speech have been taken out of context and without the context one will have a mistaken view on his point. The Boise State professor's point was that feminist culture had pushed women away from marriage and family life to careerism. "When women forgo marriage and decline to have children. Men are not called forth to duties, to the duties of fatherhood, for instance. Men are not called upon to the duties of fatherhood. They're hardly not called for duties at all."

Doctor Yenor then provides a historical view of how civilizations were flourishing because of male leadership. Is that a shocking statement or an accurate one? What's at stake here is the ability of an academic to speak freely in America. Our country was founded on people being offended and outraged.

The prevalent woke culture is denying Americans their right to free speech. Doctor Yenor only pointed out the obvious that the declining American Family has eroded the nation's backbone. Do we hear the truth from the media? No, they feed us sentences out of context designed to destroy a person for exercising their beliefs. That may be how it works in China, Seattle, San Francisco, or Portland, but it's not how it works in our state.

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