We've all had a wild night when we've done something embarrassingly dumb. A popular Boise restaurant is giving two women the opportunity to come forward and make things right after one of those moments

Calling them "Thelma and Louise," the Boise Fanci Freez location shared a photo of a Snapchat they received of two women posing with the restaurant's "We're Closed" sign. What was exceptionally strange about the photo is that it wasn't taken at the State Street drive-thru. It was taken inside someone's home.

The two women allegedly stole the sign on Saturday evening and bragged about it on Snapchat, captioning their photo "Moms Gone Wild." Fanci Freez explains that they have filed a police report and there is an ongoing investigation, but they're hoping that through the reach of social media, fans can help them identify the thieves.

Naturally, those who viewed the post had questions like who sent the snap? The person who received it certainly should know. The admin on Fanci Freez's Facebook page replied to the question saying "an anonymous person sent the picture of it to someone and I found it."

Fanci Freez is hoping the sign will be returned and promised to ask no questions if it reappears. If you have a lead their contact information is on their Facebook page. 

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We don't know about you, but this reminds us a little bit of the great Christmas Tree Topper Heist of 2018, when someone stole the star off the Christmas tree on the Grove Plaza. It was eventually returned damaged with a $100 bill taped to it.

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