Cardi B pushed for universal kindness in light of the massacre at Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14. Still, her delivery left some followers with bad tastes in their mouths.

In a recent Instagram photo, Cardi sounded off on the tragic shooting, which left 17 dead and 14 more injured, according to The New York Times. She insinuated that maybe if the gunman — a former student with ties to a white supremacy group — hadn't been bullied then maybe he wouldn't have acted so aggressively.

Annnnnnd that's where she went wrong with some of her fans.

"I've been seeing a lot of school shootings happening," Cardi said "And the school shooter never looks like the jock, the cheerleader, the popular kid. It's always the kid who looks a little bit socially awkward and everything, and it's like, I feel like one of the best ways to prevent these types of tragedies is to stop picking on these kids. Stop bullying these kids. The devil speaks to you the most when you feel helpless. Stop picking on them."

Some followers thought Cardi had a point, and insisted that messages pleading for universal kindness weren't troublesome.

"Amen!!!!!!!!! My mentality since even I attended school," one wrote, while another noted "Cardi B was right maybe everyone should stop the bullying that’s probably where it started."

Still, others thought the message was short-sighted, and empathized way too powerfully with a killer.

"Listen, I’m all here for Cardi B like 99% of the time but I know plenty kids who got bullied in my middle school that did not go on to shoot up their classmates. Should we bully? No. But what’s really gonna stop this happening again is gun control," one wrote.

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