Casey Kasem's body is MISSING!  You might be wondering if this is the same radio guy who died over a month ago, right?  Yes.  That's the right guy and he HASN'T been buried and now has gone missing.  Someone has taken him and you'll never guess who...I was just about to leave the 103.5 Kissfm studios to plan a massive promotion that's coming up.  It has to do with the Bronco Nation, but then got sidetracked after reading a headline,

Casey Kasem's Body is MISSING!


Casey Kasem is the radio personality that was best know for his long distance dedications during syndicated radio show, American Top 40..  Casey and Rick Dee's were THE countdown DJs before Seacrest was even born or said, " American Idol!".  Well, fast forward to last month when shocking news surfaced that Casey went missing, then was found again, to news reports that he died.  It has everything a Lifetime Movie looks for in a celebrity tragedy, family fights for custody, wife fights with family, husband dies and wife gets charged.  Well, something like that.

As of 5:56pm on Friday, July 18th, 2014, TMZ Reports that Casey Kasem went from dead to missing.  He died over a month ago and family has been fighting with wife over an autopsy.  A judge ordered that Casey Kasem's body must be held to perform the autopsy which some say could implicate widow Jean Kasem.  It looks like Kasem's children have been fighting with Jean for a long time and tried to get a restraining order to restrict the widow from taking Casey Kasem.  I mean why would you or HOW would you take him.  I don't understand how that is even possible, but it is.  Casey Kasem's widow is reported to taking the body from the funeral home the day before judges order that Casey's body undergo an autopsy.  Confused??

That's the best non news reporting I could report considering the late breaking news.  How do you exactly do that?  You grab his body out of a coffin and put him in the backseat?  Wouldn't people notice something??

We'll keep you posted on details as they come in.


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