There’s no way around it, and we’re definitely all feeling this, but Idaho is filling up fast!

It took me over an hour to get to work today, and that used to take me about 20-minutes — “used to” being just 6 months ago.

And we all see the clever bumper stickers (or the decorative home signs) all over Idaho that say things like, “no vacancy,” or, “don’t California my Idaho.” Idahoans are not enjoying the influx of people, that’s for sure.

There are obvious political reasons why people are fleeing their states and moving to Idaho, but another big reason why people are moving here is because it’s “affordable.”

Well, that isn’t so much the case anymore, but I have good news... 24/7 Wall St compiled a list of 10 US Cities Where Home Prices Are Actually Falling, and Idaho isn’t even remotely close to being on that list.

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24/7 Wall St says, “Cities are ranked from the smallest fall in annual median listing price to the largest. Though nearly all these housing markets enjoyed a robust two-year period where prices shot up, the median list price in nearly all the cities on the list is well under’s national median list price in April.”

AKA — once popular cities that were way too expensive now have falling home prices and are much lower and more affordable. Many of these cities now have median listings of $230K or so, and according to, "the median listing home price in Boise, ID was $585K in April 2022."

So, before moving to Idaho, consider one of these 10 cities 👇

Consider Moving to These 10 Cities Before Moving to Idaho

All numbers from 24/7 Wall St &

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