I've been having this debate with my co-host Kat Fisher regarding the Boise State Football season opener and hurricane Dorian. Let it be known that this situation is a game-changer depending on what the league says today or tomorrow.

The Boise State Broncos open their season against the Florida State Seminoles this Saturday night in Florida. This is already hostile territory for the Broncos but a hurricane makes things much more difficult. Here's what we know.

Hurricane Dorian is projected to make landfall at a category 3 later Sunday evening. The BSU game begins at 5 p.m. on Saturday in Jacksonville at TIAA Bank Field. Some might say what's the issue? The hurricane doesn't hit till the next day so why can't these kids play? Let me explain and also unveil the importance of game one for the Broncos.

Dorian may not be projected to hit until Sunday but the Governor has already issued a state of emergency for surrounding counties including Jacksonville where the Broncos will play. Let me be more forthcoming in that, LEAVE! This is real and hurricane Katrina taught us to never take a hurricane for granted. That category 3 could turn into a 4 and then a 5. Do you really want to fly your Boise State Broncos across the country for a potential cancellation and then be stuck in hotels that could get flooded? Do you want your Broncos stuck in Florida when you don't really know what the worst could be?

This game one is so important for BSU that nobody wants to blow this game off. If the Broncos beat the Seminoles you can expect a big bump in rankings. If this game gets canceled it will really hurt our chances of making a bowl appearance unless they run the table going undefeated.

I would keep an eye on the forecast before you fly out to Florida this weekend and maybe hold back on that tailgate party. I have this bad feeling the Bronco game will get canceled because nobody wants to be responsible for any unforeseen issues. The state of emergency has been stated and I'd expect no game at this point. This storm is only picking up speed and weather conditions for gameday still let quite difficult.

Expect 15-20 mph on winds with 60% chance of rain this Saturday and that's if everything goes as planned. If this hurricane moves in quicker we might be looking at a different scenario. We'll keep you posted. Make sure to download the new Kiss App for breaking news.

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