I didn't even think it was possible to make the list of nominees so when I saw that Cruise&Box made Boise Weekly's "Best of Boise," I had to take a second look. Chris and I have been a show for a short time so to even have you know our names is really blowing my mind right now. Could we go the distance?

Each morning we try to put on a show that is entertaining, we try to get you as much information as we can so you can get to work and know what's going on and we call in all the favors for tickets to shows so we can give them to you. This is just the beginning of how we want to make your day the best day.

There are times we are awkwardly honest. There are times we can't keep it together and there are times we flail our way through a show. No matter what, you're there. In the least cliche way possible, we want you to know how much you mean to us. The fact that we see "Cruise&Box" on a list of anything with the words "Best" and "Boise" we don't really know what to do. We've never been in this position before.

Best of Boise came out and we're on the list. WE. ARE. ON. THE. LIST.

Boise Weekly
Boise Weekly

We are in the company of some amazing people - ones we see every day. You take your pick on who you want to vote for but I'm just showing you that our names are in print. This feels pretty cool. Thank you.


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