A Texas dad is in court this week is facing murder charges for allegedly killing a drunk driver who killed his two children.  If convicted he could face life in prison.

According to Huffington Post, David Barajas and his two sons pushed the family pickup truck back to their home after it ran out of gas about 100 yards from the driveway.  A drunk driver ended up plowing into that truck, killing Baraja's 12-year old son at the scene.  His 11-year old son later died at the hospital from injuries he sustained in the crash.

Barajas is accused of fatally shooting the drunk driver to death shortly after the crash.  The prosecution says that Barajas left the scene of the accident to go into his home and get a gun to kill the driver.  The defense says that Barajas never left the scene of the accident and was desperately trying to revive his sons.

No matter what the court finding is, this story is a complete tragedy.