Lionheart, lion tattoo: Demi Lovato is aiming to be queen of the jungle with her brand new bit of ink.

The "Cool for the Summer" singer, who's no stranger to going under the needle, debuted a brand new tat — on top of her hand — last night via Snapchat. And while fans seemed to love the design ("You're gonna hear her roar!" one replied), some couldn't help but notice the similarities to Justin Bieber's and Cara Delevingne's, who each recently showed off similar lion tats.

According to Peopleall three celebs went to artist Bang Bang to get the tats. Still, Demi denies she was inspired by either, and said as much on social media once she took notice of backlash.

"You can't get a tattoo these days without someone saying you've copied someone or you're 'matching" someone' That's not the case folks," she tweeted.

And her fans showed up to support her. "Don't listen to negative words, just do whatever you feel like and what makes you happy," one wrote while another noted "Right. People need to calm down. It's just a tattoo."

Celebs Show Off Their Tattoos:

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