In what feels like the beginning to a grisly American Horror Story, Downard Funeral Home & Crematorium in Pocatello, Idaho is under investigation after multiple decomposing bodies, including 50 human fetuses, were discovered on the property. Unrefrigerated bodies just rotting in the building, leading to a vile odor which caused the funeral home to be reported to authorities for investigation.

I think I'm not alone when I wonder what the heck is going on? Fetuses. Why? Decomposing bodies. Why? What did the family members of the deceased think happened to their loved ones' bodies up to this point? The funeral home did have a situation going with Idaho State University where they donated cadavers, but apparently that relationship ended over concerns of shady goings on; instances of relatives being told a body was donated but the school not having any record of it. Are these some of the decomposing bodies? Like, "Oh, gotta donate that...I'll get to it." And then they never got to it? I'm so confused.

Further investigation concluded that the fetuses were meant to be cremated by Downard Funeral Home back in April of 2017. Originally they had been used for research on fetal development at Idaho State University, but a new law back in 2016 regarding unborn infant remains for research purposes had ISU asking Downard to please cremate them as they would no longer be used. And they just...didn't. Instead they kept the fetuses around for four and a half years. So. Bizarre.

As the investigation continues some bodies have been identified and family members have been contacted. But it will take time to sort through the macabre mess at Downard Funeral Home and to get to the bottom of why this happened in the first place. I will say laziness has no place in the postmortem business and it seems like this really could stem from that.


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