Looking to increase the odds of you living well into your 90's? The first thought that might pop into your head may be to start exercising regularly. Your second thought might be to watch your diet cut the fast food and eat healthier. Both of these things can help contribute to an overall healthier lifestyle and extend your life, but if you want to increase the odds of you living well into your 90's by as much as 18% Pour it up!

A new study completed by The University of California found that consuming a moderate amount of alcohol every day could increase your odds of living a much longer life. Researchers found that people who drank two glasses or more of beer or wine daily increased their odds of living past 90 years old by 18%

The researchers have no explanation for it but do "firmly believe" that drink improves longevity.

Personally, I'm not sure how much I believe this study to be accurate. Just from personal experience, drinking every day usually makes me feel overall worse. Drinking to excess can cause serious health problems, not to mention the increased risk of driving impaired regardless, enjoying a few adult beverages responsibly isn't a bad thing.

Looking to increase the odd's of you living into your 90's? Try some of these local Boise hot spots to get your drink on.

The Curb
Silly Birtch
Cowgirls In Kuna
The Tailgate
The Pre-Funk
Twin Peaks
The Yard House
Humping Hannah's

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