Recreational marijuana is illegal in the state of Idaho, but legal in Nevada.

Here's why you may not be able to procure any if you're traveling there.

The state of Nevada legalized recreational marijuana in hopes of boosting their tourism economy even further, especially in Las Vegas. It seems to be working in their favor, because the Governor of Nevada just issued a state of emergency. Why? They can't keep up with demand.

It's been just over a week since Nevada started selling legal weed, and the dispensaries are already running out of the stuff. In an odd move, exclusive distribution rights were given to liquor wholesalers. Seven of them have applied for licenses, none of which have yet been approved. It's a mess.

In an attempt to keep up with demand, the governor issued a state of emergency to "permit the transportation of marijuana from harvesting and packaging facilities to the dispensaries."

Does this mean you'll be able to toke up anytime soon if you're traveling to Sin City? We don't know as of yet, but don't let that stop you. Jay-Z just announced he's bringing his 4:44 tour to Vegas, and that's more than enough reason to visit.


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