Investigation details have led to the arrest and charges of a felony manslaughter along with violation of parole for 42-year-old Adam Paulson of Eagle, Idaho.

Originally we all thought it was just a tragic accident without blame.  Just after midnight on Saturday 24-year-old Madeline Duskey was struck by a truck while using a crosswalk on Eagle Road.  Duskey was wearing dark clothes and it was very dark.

As the Ada County Sheriff's Department conducted it's investigation it looked as if the whole think was just a huge accident, but the Sheriff Department doesn't think so.  Paulson has now been charged with one count of felony vehicular manslaughter while driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other intoxicating substance.

Credit: Ada County Sheriffs Office
Credit: Ada County Sheriffs Office

According to KTVB Paulson did remain at the scene until authorities arrived.  His blood alcohol content level exceeded the legal .08 limit here in Idaho but the exact details have not been released.

The maximum sentence possible for Paulson is 15 years in prison with his license revoked for another fiver years after that.

Thinking about this tragedy has me in tears.  This beautiful, young woman is not here to enjoy turkey, family, love and laughter.  Kids without their mom, parents without their little girl, and friends without this beautiful soul who is now resting with the angels.  I'm praying for all that knew Madeline Duskey.

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