How do you get what you want out of life when you keep getting hit with adversity? Eminem answers that question in the newly released visuals for his inspirational song 'Guts Over Fear,' featuring Sia.

The video begins with a dishwasher slaving away in the kitchen, but this isn't the man's dream job. He has another goal in mind, however, there's other challenges he's facing along the way.

He also has a verbally abusive, drunken father and has money problems, applying for welfare due to mounting financial issues. And things continue to get worse from there.

The character eventually loses his job, his dad gets arrested and he just can't seem to get it together in the ring, as several people watch him get knocked down by a sparring partner.

Presumably, the man's struggle to become a professional boxer parallels Eminem's struggle to become a rapper, as he's often talked about his financial and personal struggles before hitting it big.

But just like things worked out for the legendary lyricist, things work out for this boxer too. Before the clip comes to a close, he's about to enter the ring for his professional debut.

'Guts Over Fear' appears on Em's compilation album, 'Shady XV,' which drops today (Nov. 24).

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