Josh Sheehan has made his way into the history books.

The Australia rider, 29, completed an amazing feat on Tuesday (April 28) when he successfully did a triple backflip on a motorcross bike, becoming the first person ever to perfect the stunt.

Sheehan's jump took place at Pastranaland, a park owned by Travis Pastrana.

As we're reminded in the video, "There's only two outcomes: roll away on two wheels, or roll away on four wheels to the hospital."

It was a pretty scary and exhilarating sight, too. Sheehan hit 60 miles per hour and skied about 80 feet in the air as his bike turned three times before landing on safe confines of the ground.

The first-person angle is particularly impressive, as you experience exactly what Sheehan did and get an idea of what he must have felt at that moment.

See the original video in its entirety below:

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