First of all let me say this... I love baked goods. Always have and now I can say... always will... thanks to Fit Donuts in Meridian. As a child I would hang around the kitchen when my mom was baking just waiting for the cake to be done so I could be the first to partake. I would eat the pieces she would trim off in order to shape the cake depending on the desired design. She would always ask me to wait till the cake was fully decorated but I would grab trim pieces and add frosting to them because there was nothing that could stand between me and that cake. As an adult nothing has changed, I love cake and it presents a problem when I'm trying to maintain my "girlish figure" as they say.

Mateo and I have been working out consistently at KVELL but as you know if the diet is not right, the results will be marginal. Fit Donut in Meridian to the rescue! This place was founded by Emily a trainer who just wanted to create healthy desserts for her clients and she got so good at it that it turned into a great business. I know what you're thinking... I'm sure its low calories but the sugars must be astronomical. Think again, that is not the case, you see Emily the owner based her approach on macros and that means you can have your cake and eat it too. Here's an example.

Vanilla Donut, Chocolate Frosting with Chocolate Chips and Cookie Dough

99 Calories

6g Protein

3g Fat

3g Sugar

5g Net Carbs

4g Fiber

Fit Donut


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