Boise is growing, Idaho is growing, housing prices are through the roof, and now the Boise Airport is officially being reclassified. Our beloved Boise Airport has seen so much growth that now, the small airport will be federally recognized as a "medium hub" starting this fall.  When it comes to nationwide statistics, Boise actually has the 61st busiest airport in all of the land.

Some additions being made to the airport, which are requirement for medium hubs, are a Service Animal Relief Area and a Nursing Room. If you ask us, that just isn't enough.

Here are five things that we believe our medium hub airport in Boise, Idaho needs to implement immediately.

1. A Full Blown Garden or Forest 

Look, Boise is the City of Trees and we're all very proud of that. Take a photo from any high-elevation point in the city and despite the fact we're really in a dry and brown desert climate--we're actually blessed to have green trees just about everywhere. Why would we not have these in our airport? When people come to the 61st busiest airport in the nation, they need to KNOW they're in the City of Trees. It's 2021 and plants are SO IN. Look at these nice trees in a South Korean airport. Why are they beating us?

Credit: YouTube

2. A Fast Moving Walkway

There's nothing worse than being behind someone on one of these walkways that just stands there and blocks it. I want to go fast! The good news is that Boise is such a fast-paced city, we know this won't happen here. If we're going to be a bustling and growing airport, we need to be able to get people to their terminals as quick as possible. Install one of these immediately.

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

3. A Sky Club or Lounge

When people think of Boise, Idaho, they think of professional business women and men. That's why this airport needs to have a lounge or club in it. Where else will professionals shower, grab a nap, get comfy, or enjoy some high-class snacks while waiting for their flights? Spend any time in New York or Los Angeles and you will find plenty of these--now it's Boise's time to add the lounge.

4. A Swimming Pool 

We all know that the main reason people are flying into Boise is for our luxurious river. While it is only open a few months out of the year, we need to make sure people visiting Boise can swim and do so safely to acclimate them to our river. Swimming lessons could be held for all newcomers. This could also offer great jobs for the laid off Roaring Springs workers. Check out this pool in Qatar's airport

5. An In-N-Out Burger 

Everyone flying in is from California, right? Let's make them feel welcome by installing Idaho's FIRST In-N-Out burger! We would need to figure out a way to allow locals into the airport to enjoy the food too but that's why we pay airport executives the big bucks!

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk on the Boise Airport, people!


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