In a year in which everything has been canceled, ruined, or non-existent, the announcement we all expected has came down from the Atlantic Coast Conference: there will be NO non-conference games for football this fall.

Highly anticipated visitor to Albertsons Stadium and the world famous blue turf, Florida State University, just so happens to be in the ACC. In other words: sorry, Florida State-- you can't travel to Boise.

According to some news outlets, there are some loopholes - and a very, VERY slim to none chance that these teams could still play.  The plan approved by the ACC university presidents states that all non-conference games must be played in the ACC programs home state. There are also health requirements that must be met. In other words, it looks like if Boise State WANTED to travel to Florida State...there's a shot the matchup could still happen.

While the game is a big deal, the real sizzle was the fact that it was going to be on the blue-- a major matchup for "little 'ol Boise State".

We'll keep you posted.

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