Soulja Boy and Chris Brown will have elite boxers in their corners for their upcoming fight. The undefeated Floyd Mayweather is set to train Soulja Boy for his celebrity boxing match with Brown. As for Breezy, he will enlist the services of former champion Adrien Broner.

The Soulja Boy and Brown beef has taken some bizarre turns that have all led up to an official fight between the two. 50 Cent was a major force in making the boxing match a reality, hitting up his buddy Floyd Mayweather to promote the bout.

Brown seemed to ease up on his hatred for Soulja Boy following an apology, but things quickly changed when his daughter got involved. Soulja Boy reposted a picture of Brown's baby mama Nia Guzman and daughter Royalty repping Mayweather's Money Team, which provoked a lengthy rant from the controversial singer.

"Bro, all jokes aside my nigga, like, seriously, we're gonna set up this fight," Brown said in an Instagram video. "It's gonna be professional. You can do all that but one thing you gotta stop doing, my nigga, Ima be real with you, stop bringing my daughter into this, my nigga. Stop saying shit about my fucking daughter, bro... I'm telling you right now on Jesus Christ, on anybody you fucking believe in… Allah, Buddha, I don’t give a fuck, nigga. On my daughter, stop talking about my daughter, bro. That shit ain't cool. Real gangstas and street niggas know number one rule, no girls, no daughters, no kids. You's a bitch, my nigga. Stop."

Soulja Boy and Brown are going to settle things in the ring, but there's sure to be plenty more trash talk in the weeks to come. XXL will keep you posted on any developments in this strange feud.

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