Sunday was an absolute nightmare for a 20-year-old woman (unnamed at this time) who was beaten up, stabbed with a knife and broken bottle multiple times, and left for dead by three men and another woman who all knew her in the Boise Foothills just up from 8th Street when it extends into the mountains.

The woman miraculously survived and is currently being treated for life threating injuries she sustained during the attack.  The Ada County Sheriff's Office reported that the victim made her way to a nearby house in the 1600 block of Braemere Road where she screamed for help.  The Sheriff Department also said...

The victim in the case told the people who lived there she had just been attacked up the 8th Street extension (Sunset Peak Road) but was able to walk down the road to get help.

The victim knew the suspects although we don't have information yet as to how close or what the nature of their relationship was.  Here are the four suspects according to Idaho News.

  • 30-year-old Cody C. Baker
  • 20-year-old Justice M. Bowie
  • 29-year-old Kevin M. Ivey
  • 21-year-old and Brianna Brown
Credit: Ada County Sheriiff's Office
Credit: Ada County Sheriff's Office

Another statement by the Ada County Sheriff's Offices states...

Our detectives spent the last three days investigating the case and collecting evidence.  Detectives were not able to interview the victim right away because of her injuries, and when they did, it took some time to identify the four people who were with her on Saturday night

We'll keep you posted on the condition of the victim and what happens moving forward with the charges against the accused.

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