If you've ever found yourself captivated by the idea of riding Willy Wonka's bubblemobile, Boise's Bubble Run might be the time of your life! 


A three-mile journey through a magical bubble land, Boise's Bubble Run welcomes everyone.

Whether you're flying solo or with a posse of frothy friends, it's the kind of fun fantastic memories are made from. And unlike most other local runs, the bubbliest run of the Treasure Valley isn't a runners-only ordeal.


The three-mile Boise Bubble Run can be walked, skipped, danced, strolled, or even rolled!

In fact, many families frequent the famous event because of its stroller and kid-friendly reputation that lives on from year to year.


From the vibrant multitude of the bubble colors, to the feel of thousands of bubbles landing on your skin like butterfly kisses, children love the Boise Bubble Run for its sensory excitement.


In an era when "clean" personal care products are prioritized and the chemical composition of other products are called into question, parents can enjoy the event worry-free as the bubbles are 100% non-toxic and safe to ingest. Despite their clean composition, however, event planners do discourage children from ingesting them as they certainly don't taste the greatest!

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Check out the Bubble Run video at the end of the article! 

Tips To Make Your Boise Bubble Run the Best One Ever!

  • Show Up Early. Don't burst your own bubble by being late! Arrive 60-to-90 minutes before your wave's start-time. Due to the high-volume turnout the event typically yields, this accounts for the time it takes to find parking and check-in.
  • Plain White Tees. No matter your mode of conveyance, the dress code is a white tee for all participants. Why? Because by journey's end, your tee will tell the tale of your fantastically vibrant run through a canopy of bubbles and the multi-colored Foam Bogs!
  • Swag On-Site. Bring cash to scoop up awesome swag to commemorate your victorious lap through the rainbow-colored wonder run!
  • Register. Save money by registering early through this link!


Saturday, June 9, 2022 at Expo Idaho - 5610 Glenwood St Boise, ID  83714

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