Halsey responded to accusations that they are glamorizing witchcraft by filming a video of herself performing witchcraft.

The If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power hit-maker uploaded the clip to TikTok alongside a snippet of another creator's video.

"Stop listening to her," the creator, who goes by the handle @keepcalmcalvin on the app, says in his clip. "You guys, stop empowering Halsey to make music videos like this. Making witchcraft okay to you."

In the actual video, which you can watch here, he goes on to lay out several apparent references to witchcraft in Halsey's "I am not a woman, I'm a god" music video, which was originally released in 2020. He also draws parallels between it and releases by fellow musicians including The Weeknd and Bad Bunny.

User @Keepcalmcalvin's clip was uploaded in February. Halsey filmed their response and uploaded it today (May 17).

And she responded in the most iconic manner possible. In the clip, Halsey sits in front of what appears to be a makeshift altar and quite literally practices witchcraft. She doesn't say anything and simply captioned the clip with a moon emoji. However, it's quite clear what they think about the complaints.

Watch her TikTok below:

The video has gone viral on the app. At time of publishing, it's amassed nearly 1 million views and more than than 100,000 likes.

Halsey's fans also took to the comments section to weigh in. It's safe to say they can't get enough of her carefree attitude.

"He's going to think you're cursing him," one fan wrote.

"Can u cast a spell to make men silent," someone requested. "Asking for myself."

"Get it girl," another gushed. "Empress energy for damn sure!"

"She's one of the reasons [I've] gotten closer to my witchy side," another commented.

Someone else pointed out the amazing irony of the situation.

"Man- accusing [H]alsey of doing witchcraft," they wrote. "Halsey- doing witchcraft."

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