Happy Father's Day to all our dads this weekend! I'll be headed out of town for a few hours and back Sunday night. I wanted to share this message with not just the dads, but the moms who have to play dual roles. We haven't forgotten you ❤️

Photo by: Kekeluv

Happy Father's Day! Happy Pride Month! I'm leaving an amazing Pride event downtown Boise to see my wife/son. My wife's family lives almost three hours away and I need to hurry. I have a message for all those Dads and a special shout to moms.

Photo: Kekeluv

Pride Attendees: I love you all. It was so refreshing to see our listeners run up to say hello. It was even more gratifying to meet new listeners who were so thankful for the support. I heard Chris Cruise (Cruise & Box Morning Show - First Kiss In The Morning 103.5 Kiss FM) on a microphone in front of thousands scream out support of everyone no matter what you believe. I could hear the roar from the tops of the parking garage. So much love to everyone that showed up.

Happy Father's Day. I'm headed out of town to spend time with my wife, son, and her amazing family. We'll ALSO be building a Teepee 🏕. I'll show some pictures on Monday.

Thanks to all the father's that do their best. I can say it's not what I thought it would be. I guess I'm not sure what that really was. I assumed I loved kids, I waited till I was ready, much more mature, and everything else I told myself. The truth is you're NEVER ready. You're never prepared to rush your kid to the hospital thinking this may be it. You can't possibly be prepared when you're son is begging for, "no more pokes." Say what you want to say, but nothing prepares you for that.

Being a father is everything to me and I expected it would be. That is the one thing I knew would happen. I just never expected to love him so much. There are nights when I just stare at him and watch. I can't explain. He's my little dude. Lennox has helped put life in perspective for me along with my flawless wife.

Happy Father's Day if you get that feeling. I honestly believe that being a father is different for each one of us. We're all born into different situations and that's what makes us - US. This is just what life is about. Each one of us has a completely different challenge. I was able to spend some time with my nieces and nephews in Houston a few weeks ago. I miss them dearly and I've learned that these little human beings are just products of us. I was able to see my brothers in all their little kids. All of my brothers and our little sister are heroes to me. It's not easy to raise a child and if you add a few more - it just got REAL!

Look at Lennox and you might see me as a kid or my mom's smile. Speak to Lennox and you'll hear my Father in his yes sirs and no sirs. Listen to his attitude and you'll her my step-mother (who is my mom too - we don't use that dumb step title.) Talk to my sister and she has our mother in her attitude, no doubt! Then again, we have no idea where she gets her non-stop talking from 😁

Father and Son Together For The First Time!

My point is that you will see my side of the family and my wife's side all over Lennox. We all influence this little man every day. My Father passed away very young in 2002. That doesn't mean that my son doesn't know who Papa Jimmy is. Today is Father's day and I miss him so much that it's painful, but I somehow find him in my son. I really can't explain it.

I'm not sure if you had a good dad or bad one. Just be the one you can be proud of. Make your kids proud and be great to them. You know when researchers asked kids what they would rather play with, a toy or their daddy, can you guess what they chose?

We don't have to buy our kids everything to make them happy. Newsflash: They just want us to be PRESENT. Kids that were asked these questions just wanted to spend time with a parent. That's why I wanted to shout out to my moms being dads too. You might not have asked for the job, but you got it! You are stronger than us. Don't let any man tell you different! I'm a damn believer when it comes to our women. I was already enrolled in the club, but after watching my wife deliver and everything that she sacrificed - men have no idea. Ladies, you got this! Happy Father's Day.

I'll post up pictures of my Father's Day with our little family including some cool photos of the TeePee. If you have some great photos from Father's Day, please tag us on Instagram @kissboise and @kekeluv