Halloween in the North End.  There's nothing quite like it! Full size candy bars. Beautiful fall leaves. Over the top decorations.  But there's going to be something very different about trick-or-treating on Harrison Boulevard this year. 

And it's a good thing!  Harrison Boulevard has always charmed thousands of kiddos into including that street and the surrounding neighborhood on their trick-or-treat routes, so homeowners reached out to the Ada County Highway district to make it safer for little ghouls and goblins.

For the first time ever, a section of Harrison Boulevard will be closed to traffic on Halloween  night. This year Harrison Boulevard from Hill Road to Hays Street will be closed to vehicles beginning at 4:30 p.m.  Only pedestrians will be allowed through until 10 p.m. Lemp will be open at its intersection with Harrison Boulevard but only limited traffic will be allowed through.

Plan the Best Route

Not making your way down to Harrison Boulevard? If you're sticking to your own neighborhood, you can check out Nextdoor's "Treat Map!"  The free neighborhood social network allows home owners to check-in and say whether or not they're passing out candy this year.  Some residents even say what they're giving out to make it easier for your kids to track down their favorite treats! The map also includes a graphic for FREE neighborhood haunted houses.  If you haven't tried the "Treat Map" yet, click HERE for some more details!

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