As you can tell by the back of that giant head, the picture above is of me...rocking this weird brace thing over my t-shirt. Here goes nothing?

I'm curious to know if any of you have every tried a posture corrector. I just ordered mine online and it showed up today--I'm really hoping it works! From everything I have read online, they're actually legit.

I don't have HORRIBLE posture but so much of my time at work is spent behind my computer and I always catch myself leaning back to pop my back or open up my chest. My slouch is REAL and it feels so good when I open it up, I figured I should try and do something about it. I did a little online research and found an option that seemed to have some great reviews. When I told my friends in the office I was going to be rocking a man-bra, they had no idea what I was talking about--haha!

So far it is super lightweight and is nothing more than a couple of shoulder straps...we'll see how this goes.


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