Just a couple days after the public was warned about a food service worker having Hepatitus A while working at the Parkcenter Red Robin, there's now another confirmed case, but this time in Meridian.

A food service worker at the Frontier Club in Meridian tested positive for Hep A and worked at the bar on Friday August 2 and Saturday August 3 between 9p and 2a. If you were there on those dates, make sure you have your vaccination and watch out for symptoms which include vomiting, dark urine, fever and abdominal pain, among others.

If you feel like you've been hearing about more Hep cases as of late, you're not wrong. There were only 8 confirmed cases in Idaho all of last year, and there's already been 44 in the state this year. It's only August!

So while this may not be a technical outbreak, it is alarming that the increase of cases has been so big.

Better safe than sorry, make sure you're vaccinated and aware of anything out of the ordinary for your own body so you can catch signs of anything early.

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