Wallethub did a large comprehensive look into different factors when determining the happiest states. First emotional and physical well-being, then work environment, and finally community and environment. We are proud to say - with no big surprise to us- that Idaho did great. We were in the top ten in the country for the gem state. Check out the top 20 with a few details below.

20. Arizona - Total score: 53.47 - The state boasts 24 national sites, including three national parks: Grand Canyon National Park, Petrified Forest National Park and Saguaro National Park. It also has other notable natural wonders like Horseshoe Bend, the Wave and Monument Valley.

19. Nevada - Total score: 53.67 - Nevada ranks fifth in terms of community and environment, which makes sense given that it’s home to diverse places like Lake Tahoe, Valley of Fire and the Spring Mountains. Relatively low cost of living.

18. Wisconsin - Total score: 54.32 - In terms of community and environment, Wisconsin residents enjoy the great outdoors with access to both Lake Superior and Lake Michigan. This also makes it a perfect place to enjoy fishing.

17. New York - Total score: 54.86 - Step outside of the Big Apple, and you’ll find yourself in a state where nature thrives. You can enjoy tranquil small beach towns, hike the Adirondack mountains or enjoy summer in the Catskills. New York ranks very high in terms of emotional well-being, coming in as third in lowest share of adult depression.

16. Vermont - Total score: 55.59 - This state is the second safest state in the country, which plays a huge role in the happiness of its residents. If you’re looking for somewhere quiet and peaceful where nature is never too far away, Vermont is where you want to be.

15. Washington - Total score: 55.6 -  Washington has the second highest income growth in the nation. The state’s large coastline and its mountainous terrain make it perfect for outdoor pursuits, which helps explain why it also has the second highest sports participation rate.

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14. Virginia - Total score: 56.27 - This state has a diverse population and a robust economy. Lots of vineyards, beach towns, museums and cultural institutions and places to enjoy nature out of the city including Shenandoah National Park, where you’ll run into people hiking the Appalachian trail.

13. Massachusetts - Total score: 57.30 - Home to some of the most prestigious academic institutions in the entire world, including Harvard University and MIT. This helps the state score high in work environment. Another gem are the small towns along Cape Cod, where you can get fresh seafood and see numerous species of whales in migration.

12. South Dakota - Total score: 58.53 - It has in astonishing natural beauty. Badlands National Park is the most well-known and was featured in the Oscar-winning film, “Nomadland.” South Dakota also ranks very high in community and environment as well as working conditions.

11. Nebraska - Total score: 59.06 -  While income is high, the cost of living has remained fairly low. Home of the beauty of the Great Plains and a quieter way of life.

10. Connecticut - Total score: 59.23 - High life expectancy, and positive economic factors. Also a long, beautiful coastline dotted with charming small towns.

9. Idaho - Total score: 59.58 - Idaho ranked extremely high for work environment and community, coming in second for both factors. However, Idaho didn’t rank too well in terms of emotional and physical well-being. Otherwise, it would have had a higher place on the ranking.

8. Iowa - Total score: 59.56 - Iowa is actually the No. 1 most affordable state in the country. They also have low crime and high education.

7. North Dakota - Total score: 60.02 - Ranks super high in work environment and high in community and environment.

6. California - Total score: 61.14 - Boasting a grand total of nine national parks, the most of any state. Plenty of large and small cities, vineyards, beaches and forests.

5. Maryland - Total score: 61.78 - This state has one of the strongest economies in the country, which residents love. It has several beaches, provides access to the Appalachian trail and boasts several delicious crab dishes.

4. New Jersey - Total score: 64.10 - Ranking first for emotional and physical well-being. Part of its high score has to do with the fact that it has the lowest share of adult depression and the lowest suicide rate out of all states.

3. Minnesota - Total score: 65.87 - Minnesotans get the most adequate sleep and win big in affordability and its access to nature, with shores on both Lake Superior and Lake Minnesota.

2. Utah - Total score: 69.42 - The state’s sheer beauty and sense of community place it at No. 1 for community and environment. Utah also earns the No.1 spot for work environment, with the fewest work hours in the nation.

1. Hawaii - Total score: 69.58 - The gorgeous state is unmatched in terms of natural beauty and is known for its welcoming and friendly native culture. Hawaiians place high importance on family and relationships, which may be the reason that they enjoy the second lowest share of adult depression.

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